Interview with Aria Yavarinejad from For All I Am!!!!


Today i got to talk to Aria Yavarinejad from For all I Am!! Enjoy.

1. How did you guys come up with name For All I Am?

Yavarinejad: “Coming up with the name For All I Am was a collaborative effort between the band, label, and management. The name itself explains the general meaning of our band as whole. We don’t want to play music for fame or monetary benefit, we want to let others know that it’s okay to be yourself. It’s okay to do what you love. The songs explain situations of me being myself and doing what I love, regardless of what’s going around me and obstacles I face, such as others trying to bring me down or certain aspects of life trying to stop me. The name represents everything accumulated in your life that leads up to one thing, and that’s you. Your body, mind, and soul are what accompany you for the rest of your life. You make your life from your own perspective and your own standards of living.”

2. Any word of a tour to support the album (Skinwalker) with a big act?

Yavarinejad: “Not at the moment!”

3. Are there any major festivals that you like to be on this summer such as mayhem, warped, etc.?

Yavarinejad: “We’d love to be a part of Mayhem Festival, it would cater our newer music really well! Warped Tour would be amazing too. Anything really, we just love touring!”

4. What’s your most embarrassing stage story?

Yavarinejad: “At the time, when we were playing as a local band, someone pulled down my shorts and my underwear in front of 300 kids. That I will never forget. “

5. Who are some of the biggest influences in the music world and why?

Yavarinejad: “Underoath, Architects, Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon. They are very successful bands with great messages added to their music. They care for their fans and write music for themselves. They don’t have interest in only making money and doing big tours, but to move big crowds with amazing music and lyrics.”

6. Out of any artist who would you want to feature on one of your tracks in the future?

Yavarinejad: “Would love to work with Spencer from Underoath!”

7. Being a newer band how is it starting out in the music industry?

Yavarinejad: “Very tough. But we’re hanging in there. Our fans keep us going. Our team also has a lot of faith in us. Cheers to the future :)” 

`Thank you for every thing Aria for talking to me, Everyone check out For All I Am!!! Peace!!


Interview with Christopher Volpi from Ready, Set Fall!!!


Today I sat down with Chris Volpi from Ready, Set, Fall!! Here we go.

1. What is the craziest stage stories you have?

Volpi: “We had a tour in Russia 2 years ago, We won’t forget the night in Kharkov, My microphone became some sorta “thunder” device,every time he was touching somebody’d hand under the stage they were tazed, that was definitely crazy dangerous at the same time aha!”

2. Can you share any info about the up coming album (Memento)?

Volpi: “Memento will be an album strongly influenced by all our musical different flows and taste, from post hardcore to extreme metal passing through some more conventional musical structures. Memento will also have songs from the Buried EP re-mastered (since its no longer on iTunes) for any new listeners, and some definitely new songs for all our long time fans! It’ll be out through Lifeforce Records, on the 21st of February in Europe and the 24th in North America!!”

3. If there was any band you could play with who would it be and why?

Volpi: “It would be a dream for us to share the stage with metal beasts such as Soilwork, Inflames Killswitch Engage, even tho they’d kick our asses aha!”

4.Do you hope to get invited on to some major festivals this summer?

Volip: “That would definitely another dream we’re working to make true, we’ve never had the luck to play any summer festivals, we’re so curious to know how the crowd would react, and we would also have the chance to learn from all the other big bands playing! It’d be unforgettable to say the least.”

5. How do you guys think your music is doing in the US?

Volpi: “We have many friends in the USA and we’d LOVE to visit them all! We weren’t expecting such a feedback, it helped us to stray strong in our “dark times” as a band.”

6. What is something you want to tell people why they need to check you guys out?

Volpi: ” If you’re curious to see what a band of nerds can pull out by mixing their different musical tastes then catch us out!!

EVeryone needs to check out Ready, Set, Fall they will blow your mind. Peace!!! 

Interview with CJ McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder!!!!!!



Tonight I talked to Cj McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder.

1. What is the craziest stage stories?

McMahon: “Hard to say most shows are crazy, but probably our headline show in Florida a few months ago. It was the hottest show we have ever played, also a sold out show, the pit was violent as hell from the sound check to the end, most of us were crowd surfing and sexy as fuck Latino girls were getting their tits out, was pretty epic.”

2. Where do like to play more the states or the UK and why?

McMahon: “I would have to say its a tie, I feel when we play overseas the crowds and fans are better, I love our homeland and our fans in Australia but yeah the UK/Europe and the states shows are fully mental.

3. How was playing Summer Slaughter Tour?

McMahon: “Fucking Epic!!!!! Best tour so far for us, crowds and fans were perfect and all the bands were solid as. We made friends with all the bands and some of them we will be best mates for life, it was an honor to be apart of it and will never forget the experience.”

4. Any word of a new album in the works?

McMahon: “Yeah we have started writing the new album but still have a lot of work to do, Its coming together really well and I can’t wait for people to hear it, but yeah it will be done when it’s done, we don’t rush things.”

5. Why did you guys get banned from playing Summer Slaughter in Orlando Florida?

McMahon: “Because of our bands name, it was pretty funny and we don’t really care, Disney can get fucked. We played a headliner show in Florida instead of playing that show and like I said in question one, It was out of control.”

6. For people that don’t know you guys how would you describe the band?

McMahon: “Not much really, just that we are funny cunts from Australia that just want to destroy every show, every band and every stage we play on, other than that we are pretty normal at times.”

I want to thank CJ for taking time out to talk to me. Rock on!!!

Interview With Shawn Spann from I, The Breather!!!



Today I talked to Shawn Spann from I, The Breather and it was a great interview.

1. Any word on a new album or new tour in the works?

Spann: ” We are currently working on hitting the road before the year ends so we can play a bunch of old favorites before we release music and start playing newer song in the set.”

2. Does I, The Breather have a meaning to the name?

Spann: “Our band name could have so many meanings but one that has stuck to me through everything is Breathing is life, I, The Breather, I am life.”

3. Have you guys ever have any conflict being a christian band? 

Spann: “We have tired our best to do this in the proper manner, We have not called ourselves a “Christian” band for over a year now…Reason being is because we feel our purpose is not to play for Christian audiences but to play for crowds who are lost in life. I noticed a lot of flaw in the Christian  market and how fake it can be. I will never put my band in a situation where we feel we don’t belong ever again. We all have our beliefs, Were all humans with good morals and goals. We just hope that our fans are accepted of this – We ve seen this get out of hand for bands in the past.”

4. Can you share some stories from Mayhem?

Spann: “First night of Mayhem, Our guitarist woke up in the middle of the night to pee in the bathroom… He fell broke the toilet, For days after we had urin overflow on the bus and it didn’t smell too great. We got a new toilet after that.”

5. If You could tell a band just starting out what advice would you give them?

Spann: “Don’t be lazy, Go out and get your fans. Don’t expect things to be handed to you and the hard work never stops.”

6. Whose your favorite new band starting out in the metal scene?

Spann: “Any band I manage – Check them out! I own a company with Danny Leal of Upon A Burning Body: “

I want to thank Shawn for talking to me and thank Imperial Artist Management for setting this up.


Interview with Tony Asta From Battlecross!!!


Today I interviewed the guitarist from Battlecross Tony Asta!!\

Q: What was the first metal cd or vinyl you bought with your own money?

Asta: “That was so long ago, Id have to take a wild guess! I do remember recording songs on cassette from the radio to make my own mix tapes, in junior high. I would constantly listen back to Cemetery Gates (before I knew who Pantera was), and the key tunes from BANDS LIKE deep purple, Sabbath, Metallica, Nugent, ect. Dad is really into classic rock so that helped. Ill never forget the first time I listened to albums Master of Puppets and Vulgar Display of Power, game changers and highly influential.”

Q;Who was your favorite band to play with on the Mayhem Fest tour?

Asta: “Thrown Into Exile was one of my favorite bands on Mayhem. They’re heavy, thrashy, melodic, and great leads. Huntress is also an amazing band, super cool, great sound.”

Q: If you weren’t in Battlecross what band would you like to be in and why?

Asta: ” Well for fun Id like to try out vocal session work. But I don’t think i could ever play guitar in another band except BX, I don’t really have a desire to jamming another band.”

Q: What is your favorite piece of gear you own and why?

Asta: “My favorite piece of gear is definitely my guitar. The ESP Horizon FR-27 is hands down my bread and butter. It feels  great and has a killer tone, there is nothing I would change about it. ESP all the way baby! \m/”

Q: What was your favorite place to play at on Mayhem?

 Asta: “There were a lot of great great shows on Mayhem. I thought I saw it all until we hit Chicago, the crowd made everyone else look like sissies. But it wasn’t until we played Michigan the next day that was saw pure chaos. The place was packed, the crowd surfing lasted our whole set, and the wall of death during “Flesh and Bone” was complete anarchy. That day we signed at our merch booth for 2 hours while people stood in line in the rain. It was the craziest day of Mayhem and I Loved it.

I would like to thank Tony for letting me interview him and hope to see him and Battlecross in town near by.


Interview With Andrew P. Glover of Winds Of Plague!!



I had the pleasure to talk to Andrew Glover of Winds Of Plague which was pretty brutal if ask me!!!!

Q; ” First metal cd or Vinyl you ever bought with your own money?

Glover: ” The first metal cd I bought was Korn Follow The Leader, I believe I was 13 years old.”

Q: Whats The Most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you on stage?

Glover: ” We were playing in Sacramento and I had the flu. I had to run backstage to shit and throw up simultaneously while still playing, thanks to my wireless it was rough.”

Q: If you weren’t in Winds Of Plague what kind of band would you wanna be in?

Glover: “Probably something like brand new. It would just be really fun to groove in a band that’s low key and has such a string impact on people.”

Q: What is a hidden genre of music that you like?

Glover: “Pop Punk”

Q: If you could have any piece of gear in the world what would it be and why?

Glover: “I would have an SSL AWS948 recording console, Or an API1640 expanded. Bass wise, I have all of my dream gear already, Warlock basses are the greatest instruments on the earth.”

Q: Have you guys been asked to be on the line up of 2014 Mayhem Festival?

Glover: “We have not been asked to play Mayhem 2014, I would love to though, Mayhem 2010 was one of the best months of my life!!

I want thank Andrew for taking the time to talk to me in my opinion hope to see Winds Of Plague on the line up for Mayhem 2014.


Interview With Us Against The Martyrs!!!

I recently did a interview with Johan and Omar from Us Against The Martyrs which was pretty awesome.

Q: What was the first metal cd or vinyl you bought with your own money?

A: Omar: “Slipknot there self titled”   Johan: “Mudvayne LD. 50”

Q: What is your favorite gear you have and why?

A: Omar: “Umm. my turn tables, cause its fun to combine two songs into one.”    Johan: “My red guitar, It was my first one. I got it on my thirteen birthday”

Q; If you could be in any band besides Us Against The Martyrs which one would it be and why?

A: Omar: “Upon a Burning Body, Everything about them!! Partying,music, look, one of the best bands I’ve seen live.”     Johan: “Bring Me The Horizon, Musical growth, passion, how well they treat there fans, look, there performance is always unreal.”

Q: What’s most embarrassing thing you have done on stage?

A: Omar: ” Onstage,I tried putting my foot on a speaker, only to have it turn over and my foot falling into it.”   Johan: “Hmmm.. I tired to jump off the drum set. When I started to land i felt like i was gonna break my ankles. So I tried to fall instead, when I landed I broke the neck of my guitar first song in. Lol”

Q: If you could tell a musician that has passed anything what would it be and who would you tell it too?

A: Omar: “Paul Gray, thank you for the inspiration he’s given me.”    Johan: “Bob Marley, A great musician,poet,father, revolutionist. Thank you for helping me through out the with your music.”

I wanna thank Omar and Johan for letting me talk to them you can check them out on instagram and also on youtube @ usagainstthemartyrs.

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