Interview with Daimien from Get Jiggy With It!!!!



This eveing I talked to Daimien from Get Jiggy With It Enjoy!!

1. What is your craziest stage moment?

Daimien: “Unfortunately we haven’t had any due to not playing any shows yet.. But when we do start playing shows, shit is gonna be wild.”

2. Who are your biggest influences?

Daimien: “Oceano, Forsaken, The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Will Smith”

3. What do you guys got coming up?

Daimien: “We’ve got our first full-length album “Skull Smasher” currently in the works. We recently released a single off of it entitled “Goody Two Shoes” and it’s pretty funky. And we have plenty more goodies lined up for the future.”

4. Where did you guys get the name Get JIGGY With It?

Daimien: “Me (the vocalist) and the guitarist were about to start writing some music one day, (before we were an established band) and he was just like, “Alright, let’s get jiggy with it.”
Right then and there I knew that needed to be the name of a band. Our band.
Shortly after we wrote a song about Tony Stewart.”

5. Who are some big bands you have toured with?

Daimien: “None so far.”

6. How is the search for a label coming?

Daimien: “We’re not looking for a label at the moment. We’re just looking to write brutal ass music, and have fun playing it.”

7. Seen you guys were looking for a guitar player and drummer how Is that coming?

Daimien: “Not that great to be honest. Not too many people around here (Lancaster, PA) are into brutal deathcore. But we’re still looking.”

8. Why should people check you guys out?

Daimien: “They probably shouldn’t unless they’re metal as fuck and looking to get jiggy with it.
But seriously, we’re chill dudes and we love interacting with our fans and making music. We have a LOT of big plans for the future, and we appreciate any support we can get. \m/”

Check out Get Jiggy With It a up and coming band to be promising!!!







Interview with Dustin from Walls of Jericho!!



This evening I talked to Dustin from Walls Of Jericho!!

1. Where did the name Walls of Jericho come from?

Dustin: “From the bible story”

2. What is your craziest stage story?

Dustin: “One time we played on halloween in holyoke, MA and candace forgot every word of every song for some weird reason
we ended up having to stop cause she couldn’t focus. it was super weird and it freaked us all out. never happened again either. super weird. “

3. What do you guys have coming up as in new album or tour?

Dustin: “we are working new music slowly and for touring we have dec 13th in london dec 14th in germany dec 15th-16th in Ukraine and dec 17-19th in Russia. “

4. What is the first metal album you bought with you own money?

Dustin: “Metallica- Master OF puppets on cassette tape!! “

5. Can you say anything about the break up in 2001 why it happen?

Dustin: “Basically the band didn’t have a drummer “

6. Do you guys plan on doing any festivals this summer?

Dustin: “Yes we are doing summer Europe festivals”

7. Why should people check you guys out?

Dustin: “cause we bring it LIVE and have a positive message about REAL life which is what Hardcore is all about and it’s also what HARDCORE is lacking in a lot if ways.”

If you have never heard of Walls Of Jericho climb out from underneath a rock ok? An check them out , Peace!!!

Interview with Orion Stephens from In Dying Arms!!!



Today I talked to Orion Stephens and let me tell you fun and hilarious interview!! Enjoy!!

1. Where did you get the name In Dying Arms?

Stephens: “The name came about one day on AOL instant messenger back when we were about 16. In my eyes the name means this. The reality of life and accepting the fact, everything we know and love as well as this earth will be gone. Everyone will be in the palm of death or things negative at some point and time. I know that doesn’t sound too lifting, but that is why we like to convey strong messages sometimes about getting through things and making the best of those fucked up moments and times in life we all face.”

2. What is your craziest stage moment?

Stephens: “Lol completely falling off the stage onto the floor! This was a few years ago but I (orion) full over a stage monitor one day in Delaware. Nobody was even there so no one caught my me ha”

3. What do you guys got coming up?

Stephens: “We are currently working on our next record. This will be our second release under Artery Recordings. We are also working on an upcoming UK tour ;)”

4. Who is your favorite super hero and why?

Stephens: “BATMAN! Because he kicks everyones ass no matter what and bruce wayne always gets the ladies. boss”

5. Who are you biggest influences?

Stephens: “My biggest influence is life itself. Music wise, i come from my roots. I look up to bands like Korn and the Deftones all day. But for IDA and my vocals; i got into screaming way back when Atreyu was hot. Then eventually got into Suicide Silence, Whitechapel and bands of that genre. I was hooked, and practiced until i could create my own style to the technique.”

6. Who is a band or artist you are embarrassed to tell anyone?

Stephens: “Who is a band or artist I’m embarrassed to tell anyone? I dont get the question.”

7. Who is one of your favorite bands you have shared the stage with?

Stephens: ‘It was an honor to the stage with so many bands I can’t even remember. As far as touring goes we got a long great with For All I am, Fit for a King, Restless Streets, Stand your Ground, the list could go on forever. I enjoy most bands we encounter.”

8. Are you guys doing any festivals this summer?

Stephens: ‘This summer, ha too early to say”

9. Why should People check out In Dying Arms?

Stephens: “If you’re into heavy music and want to hear a twist on this genre, please check us out. And don’t just listen to one album. We have 3 full lengths and an EP. Our first release came out in 2009, so it’s cool to see the progression. Thank you :)”

I want to thank Orion and the guys from In Dying Arms for the interview and if you dont know this band you should check them out and give tham a listen, Peace!!

Interview with Taylor from Couriers!!!


Today I talked to Taylor the drummer for Couriers.

1. What is your craziest stage moment?

Taylor: “Well I can’t think of anything too crazy. But the funniest moment would probably have to be during one of our first shows as a band, when i completely mixed up our setlist and started playing the wrong song and the band just turned around and looked at me like “dude, what are you doing?”. We all had a good laugh about it later.”

2. What do you guys got coming up?

Taylor: “Right now we are working on releasing our EP Deciduous and promoting that a lot. We are in a weird place with shows because we are kind of divided in areas of Minnesota and don’t have our own van or trailer. So that needs to happen! A few shows will be happening this winter though.”

3. How is the search for a record deal?

Taylor: “The music industry is a tricky and tough business to get into. A lot of bands will send out their demos or EP’s to a big label right away to try and get a deal. We aren’t like that though. We want a label to grab us because they noticed us for our hard work and dedication and, of course, our music. Before that happens though we need to get a bigger fan base, so hopefully that will happen with this EP!”

4. What weapon would you choose inthe zombie apocalypse?

Taylor: ” We watch a lot of The Walking Dead and i think i can speak for the whole band when I say Daryl is all of our favorite characters and a crossbow is just an awesome weapon! Personally, i would choose some sort of double-ended spear.”

5. Who are your biggest influences?

Taylor: ” As a band we are heavily influenced by Underoath, Oh Sleeper, The Overseer, Silent Planet, To Speak Of Wolves, Oceana, and Norma Jean. There are many more but those really represent the sound we are going for. Personally, when i’m not banging my head along to metal, I listen to a lot of music such as The Wonder Years, Better Off, Transit, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Set Your Goals, and a bunch more!”

6. Tell me about your EP Deciduous ?

Taylor: “Well it’s our first official CD! (we just had a 3 song demo at first) On the demo, we were a six piece band with 2 front man, a singer and screamer. But earlier this year, our singer Tyler made the choice to leave the band. No hard feelings at all, he was just too busy with other priorities and couldn’t make it work and we still hang out with him from time to time. (Tyler, if you are reading this, we love you!) But when he left we had to make some big changes. We decided to stay a 5 piece and go in a new direction musically. To cover signing, Collin, our bassist took over singing on top of his instrument. We really took time to dig into our influences as a band and talked a lot about our feelings about music and what we wanted to create. So we started writing and pulled together 5 songs that we are really proud of! These songs feel really familiar to us and are a lot more natural to play because they are compiled with elements that we all love about music and grew up on.”

7. What is your most embarrassing band or artist you listen too?

Taylor: “To be honest, i’m not really embarrassed but i listen to a whole lot of Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean. Along with Tyler, The Creator and other things like that.”

8.Why should people check you guys out?

Taylor: “People should check us out because we care a lot about our fans and we like to have a good time and get to know everyone! Come to a show!”

I want to thank Taylor for the awesome info and some funny stories be sure to check out Couriers and pick up their new EP Deciduous, Peace!!!!

Interview with Mike Keller from Letters From The Fire!!



Today I talked to Mike Keller from Letters From The Fire

1. What is your craziest stage story?

Keller: “Funniest one would be when we were playing an encore in front of 3,000 or so people. Mike(guitar player) jumped off his light box and landed on our bass player Clayton. haha! So funny.”

2. What do you guys got coming up?

Keller: “We are working on a new record with Chris Brown of Trapt. We will be releasing some singles soon as well as planning a US tour for 2014.”

3. Who are some of your biggest influences?

Keller: “Its hard because every band member has their own influences. But I would say some of the common ones are Tool, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, and Chevelle.”

4. Who are some of your favorite bands you have toured with?

Keller: “We absolutely love The Letter Black. We have become very close with them and can’t wait to get back out with them. But we also very much enjoyed touring with 12 Stones and Fuel.”

5. What weapon would you choose in the zombie apcoplyse?

Keller: “Aircraft carrier all day lol. Its big…in the ocean…and has lots of weapons. But I guess if we had to choose one…we choose samurai swords.”

6. What is a band or artist you are embarrassed to let people know you listen too?

Keller: “Well I like Adelle…but she rocks. So I can’t say I am that embarrassed by that.”

7. Why should people chexk you guys out?

Keller: “We have a new but nostalgic heavy sound. We write our own music and we love everyone single friend we meet through this band. I can’t tell you how many amazing friends we have met who have literally become family. We look forward to meeting more!”

Everybody should check out The Letter From The Fire pretty heavy band and cool guys, Peace!!!

Interview with The Last Ten Seconds Of Life!!!



Tonight I talked to the guys from The Last Ten Seconds of Life!!!

1. What is your craziest story?

Wyatt: “on our second tour a visibly drunk man open the door to our van asked us to give him a ride to his house and we said no than he asked well can I drive your van to my house and we said no and after that he started punching the center console and screaming “have you ever killed anyone” and started pushing the seat! we jumped out Bc we thought we had to fight him and he slammed the driver door shut and ran into the night never to be seen again”

2. Where did you get the name the last ten seconds of life?

Wyatt: “from a song by the smiths”

3. What do you guys got coming up?

Anthony: “we are just pushing the new album invivo(exvivo) and touring as much as possible”

4. Who is your guys biggest influences?

Wyatt and Anthony: “System of a down, Machine head, Korn
Christan: ” Phil Rudd”

5. How was shooting the video the face?

Storm: “the face only took a couple days to shoot and we were able to hang out with Outerloop while we were there which was cool”

6. How do you feel to be on the Hate Across America tour?

ALL: ” AMAZING! Shout out to all the bands on this and a big thanks to thy art is murder
For having us”

7. Why should people check you guys out?

ALL : “Bc stone cold said so!!!!”
Anthony: “and that’s the bottom line”

I want to thank the guys once again for a hilarious interview be sure to check these guys out on The Hate Acroos America Tour an on facebok and youtube, Peace!!

Interview with Jenny Mann from Blameshift!!



This morning i talked to Jenny Mann from Blameshift really cool chick!!

1. What is your craziest stage story?

Mann: “The craziest stage story I can think of took place at a venue in Houston, TX. The stage had a catwalk attached that had a stripper pole at the very end. Halfway through the set two girls jump on stage and start taking their clothes off and dancing on the stripper pole. Before we knew it they were full blown naked and we were still playing. Needless to say the show got a lot of attention but I have a feeling it wasn’t for us!!”

2. Tell me about your new album Secrets?

Mann: “Our new album “Secrets” came out about 2 weeks ago. The album was a long time in the making spanning almost a year. It’s a full length album with 11 songs that has something for everyone. We are really proud of this album because lyrically and emotionally it sums up what we have been through in the last few years. So far, people seem to really be connecting with it which is very rewarding for us.”

3. If you could choose one weapon for the zombie apocalypse what would it be and why?

Mann: “I am a big “The Walking Dead” fan, so of course I have thought about this before. Since I don’t know how to shoot a bow and guns seem to attract bad attention…I guess I would go with a knife or sword. They seem to be the most precise and quick! haha! “

4. Who are some of your biggest influences?

Mann: “Some of my biggest influences are Thrice, Taking Back Sunday, The Used and My Chemical Romance.”

5. Who are some of your favorite bands you have shared the stage with?

Mann: “Some of my personal favorites are 12 Stones, Screaming for Silence, Straight Line Stitch & Throwing Gravity. We have had the pleasure of touring with all these bands and they are amazing on and off stage!”

6. What is your favorite and least favorite song to play live?

Mann: “I would have to say my favorite song to play live is a brand new song off our new album called “The Enemy You Need”. We play it first in our set and it’s always a really good way to kick off the show. Hmmm…there are plenty of songs that I don’t like to play live because they just don’t translate as well as they do on record. For this exact reason we decided to leave them out of the live set.”

7. Why should people check you guys out?

Mann: “People should check us out because we are a band who works hard, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we have fun and we share that with the audience. There are plenty of rock bands out there who think they are above their fans and they deserve things handed to them. We are the opposite. We like to meet every single person and get to know our fans personally. To us, that is what rock ‘n roll is really about…having fun and building a strong family.”

I want to thank Jenny and Blameshift for doing the interview with me, Peace!!