Interview with Taylor from Couriers!!!


Today I talked to Taylor the drummer for Couriers.

1. What is your craziest stage moment?

Taylor: “Well I can’t think of anything too crazy. But the funniest moment would probably have to be during one of our first shows as a band, when i completely mixed up our setlist and started playing the wrong song and the band just turned around and looked at me like “dude, what are you doing?”. We all had a good laugh about it later.”

2. What do you guys got coming up?

Taylor: “Right now we are working on releasing our EP Deciduous and promoting that a lot. We are in a weird place with shows because we are kind of divided in areas of Minnesota and don’t have our own van or trailer. So that needs to happen! A few shows will be happening this winter though.”

3. How is the search for a record deal?

Taylor: “The music industry is a tricky and tough business to get into. A lot of bands will send out their demos or EP’s to a big label right away to try and get a deal. We aren’t like that though. We want a label to grab us because they noticed us for our hard work and dedication and, of course, our music. Before that happens though we need to get a bigger fan base, so hopefully that will happen with this EP!”

4. What weapon would you choose inthe zombie apocalypse?

Taylor: ” We watch a lot of The Walking Dead and i think i can speak for the whole band when I say Daryl is all of our favorite characters and a crossbow is just an awesome weapon! Personally, i would choose some sort of double-ended spear.”

5. Who are your biggest influences?

Taylor: ” As a band we are heavily influenced by Underoath, Oh Sleeper, The Overseer, Silent Planet, To Speak Of Wolves, Oceana, and Norma Jean. There are many more but those really represent the sound we are going for. Personally, when i’m not banging my head along to metal, I listen to a lot of music such as The Wonder Years, Better Off, Transit, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Set Your Goals, and a bunch more!”

6. Tell me about your EP Deciduous ?

Taylor: “Well it’s our first official CD! (we just had a 3 song demo at first) On the demo, we were a six piece band with 2 front man, a singer and screamer. But earlier this year, our singer Tyler made the choice to leave the band. No hard feelings at all, he was just too busy with other priorities and couldn’t make it work and we still hang out with him from time to time. (Tyler, if you are reading this, we love you!) But when he left we had to make some big changes. We decided to stay a 5 piece and go in a new direction musically. To cover signing, Collin, our bassist took over singing on top of his instrument. We really took time to dig into our influences as a band and talked a lot about our feelings about music and what we wanted to create. So we started writing and pulled together 5 songs that we are really proud of! These songs feel really familiar to us and are a lot more natural to play because they are compiled with elements that we all love about music and grew up on.”

7. What is your most embarrassing band or artist you listen too?

Taylor: “To be honest, i’m not really embarrassed but i listen to a whole lot of Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean. Along with Tyler, The Creator and other things like that.”

8.Why should people check you guys out?

Taylor: “People should check us out because we care a lot about our fans and we like to have a good time and get to know everyone! Come to a show!”

I want to thank Taylor for the awesome info and some funny stories be sure to check out Couriers and pick up their new EP Deciduous, Peace!!!!


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