Interview with Sindre from Obliteration!!!!


Tonight I talked to Sindre from Obliteration enjoy!!

1. Say you name and what you do in the band?

Sindre: “Sindre and I do vocals in Obliteration, and live I also do guitar.”

2. What is your craziest stage moment?

Sindre: “Going insane in Bergen at Beyond the gates festival, covered in blood.”

3. How do you think your fan base in America is?

Sindre: “Small but dedicated. They are into great underground music.”

4. Can you tell me about your new album?

Sindre: “It is dark, fast, hateful, cold and horrific and it bringeth the end.”

5. What do you guys got coming up?

Sindre: “We are going to the USA in march, it will be announced soon. And we are doing a show in India and festivals in Europe this summer. “

6. What weapon would you choose for the zombie apocalypse?

Sindre: “Non. I would just embrace it. “

7. Where did you get the name Obliteration from?

Sindre: “A Slayer song, off course. “

8. Since forming in 01′, how has your sound changed?

Sindre: “Radically. We’ve gone from punk, to standard death metal to whatever we sound like now.”

9. Why should people check you guys out?

Sindre: “Because BLACK DEATH HORIZON is the coldest death metal album you’ll hear this year, and the next. “

I want to thank Sindre for talking to us tonight everyone check these guys out wont dissappoinit you, Peace!!


Interview with Causing The Exile!!!!



Tonight I talked to the boys from Causing The Exile enjoy this awesome interview!!

1. What do you guys got coming up?

“We are currently working on a full title brand new album,(and the new album single is dropping hard THIS DECEMBER) it’s going to be DIY produced by ourselves. We are very excited about the new material in the works, It will be a great step up from the previous material, and we have put a lot of thought into the concept, stories and meanings of the new material. It means a lot to us that it isn’t just music but it has something in between the lines for people to get into as they listen over and over again. We really hope that our fans and new listeners will like it and appreciate it.”

2. What is your craziest stage moment?

“The craziest stage moment we must say is an earlier show, we first tried to play the first song and suddenly the drums and the clicktrack stopped. Nobody knew what the hell was going on and suddenly the entire band gave the look to the drummer, We tried to play the song again. Half way in the first track the drumkit just fell apart from the podium and the drummer went nuts and flipped the drumkit and said “I can’t take this anymore this is so unprofessional” and the story doesn’t stop there, the bassist wasn’t allowed inside the venue because he was drunk like a cow.. and we never finished our set. So yeah that must be one of the crazier CTE gigs on the record.”

3. Who are biggest influences?

“We write from our own imagination, since the entire band listens to so many genres and bands and artists. Some like Black Veil Brides and others like: Trivium, Cannibal Corpse, Cradle Of Filth, Bring Me Horizon and a LOT of other bands/artists we just filter through our musical.. Should i say filters or something? Because it’s important for us to make something sound ours and not a ripped off sound from our favorite band, and again it’s important to listen to a lot of music to not end up writing riffs of your favorite band.”

4. What is a bamd or artist you are embarrassed to say you listen too?

“When we drink we like to put on some loud ass Modern Talking, Abba, Bobby Socks, Sting, Ole Ivars, Vanilla Ice, and the list goes on and on, I don’t know if this is embarassing but it actually is kinda dope! <3”

5. Who are some bands you are happy you have shared the stage with?

“We are happy about sharing the stage with: Afflicted Creation, Turn The Tables, Atena, Tuesday Forgets, AND you better check those bands out, they deserve every minute of your eargasm! “

6. Tell me about your ep The Dawn Of A New Era?

“Well Dawn Of New Era is our debut material which we put a lot of work and money into, Money we basically didn’t have, Which is the main reason why we decided to produce and record our next album ourselves! We wrote it when we just started out but we put a lot of work into Dawn Of New Era and it was a good place to start from our opinion! we hope people will support our band and grab a Digi or physical copy of the EP!”

7. Whay weapon would you choose in the zombie apocalypse?

“We would totally choose VODKA because who the hell stops drinking in the middle of a zombie apocalypse?”

8. Why should people check you guys out?

“People should TOTALLY check us out because boobs are the greatest things on earth! yeah! support boobs and check us out to do so!!”.

I want to thank Causing The Exile for talking to me and everyone check this up rise band out’ Peace!!