Interview with Tomorrow To Forever!!!



Today I had to talk to talk to a up incoming band called Tomorrow To Forever they are a young band full of talent!

How did Tomorrow to Forever come about?

TTF”Well back around 2011 I started writing songs, and decided to perform under a band name instead of my own name in case I wanted to add people. Then in 2013 Grace Corley and I started working on some music, and I decided to let her in. I felt like my music was missing something, so we added Aron Golden on drums and D.J Smith on guitar and became the band we are today.”

What do you guys have coming up?

TTF”We have a show at Main Street Cafe in Clarksburg February 28th, and hope to record an EP soon.”

Using one word how would you describe your music?


What is one song you wish you have written?

TTF”Grayson: I will follow you into the dark- death cab for cutie
D.J: Earth Song- Michael Jackson
Aron: The Cave – Mumford and Sons
Grace: I am not a robot- Marina and the Diamonds”

What bands do you listen to that your embarrassed to say you listen too?

TTF”Well we all like k-pop lol”

Being from a very small town do you ever find it hard to get your music out there?

TTF”It has been hard, TTF has existed since 2011 and we’re just now playing shows and actually getting attention.”

What weapon would you choose to use in the zombie apocalypse?

TTF”All of the band members happen to own a sword or machete lol, we’d probably use those.”

What would you like to tell your fans and why should new fans check you guys out?

TTF”To all of our current fans, thanks for all the support, please make sure to always share events you see. The scene depends on the fans to survive. New fans should check out any new local bands they see, because you never really know how good they could be without giving them your time.Every band grows with support as we’ll, so supporting a band can help turn an average band into something beautiful:

This a good band if you havent heard them they are from Philippi Wv, Ive know the lead singer for quite a while now he used to check out my band and you should definently check out his!!


Interview from Riviera from Martinsburg WV!!


To start off local week I bring to you from Martinsburg WV Riviera!!

TM: What is your craziest stage moment of show moment you have had?

Riviera: Our vocalist dropped his guitar and stage-dived at empire.

TM: What do you guys have coming up, as in shows, demos, etc?

Riviera: We’re working on a two part album and releasing the first half soon with our first music video. We also have a bunch of shows coming up in the next few months, some of which we can’t talk about yet.

TM: Who are some of your favorite bands you have shared the stage with?

Riviera: Yeah, some of our favorites have been, Black Tide, The Venitia Fair, Audiostrobelight, Oh Josie!, Young Poet, and Exiting The Fall, but there’s honestly too many to name.

TM: What is your favorite song to play live?

Riviera: All of us have our favorite, But all together it’s probably a soon to be released song that we’re currently calling Summer, but Hunter prefers a song called It’s Not Easy from our demo Gnarly.

TM: Tell me about you demo Gnarly?

Riviera: We did the whole demo in 6 hours live at Blue Room Studios, and some of the songs will be rerecorded for our new album.

TM: What is one song that you wish you have wrote?

Riviera: Mike says he wishes he wrote Blow by Atreyu, Nathan says he wish he wrote The Wanderer by Dion, Hunter says Layla by Eric Clapton, Sam says Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy.

TM: In the zombie apocalypse what weapon would you use?

Riviera: Owl City, Katy Perry, and P!nk are our jam

TM: What is it about your music that separates from the others?

Riviera: Each member comes from different backgrounds in music which gives us influence from a insanely wide range of styles an artists

TM: What would like to tell your fans?

Riviera: You’re not just a fan but also apart of a big family, and without your support we would just be four weird dudes from West Virginia. If you’d like to follow our journey, be sure to check us out on!

I want to thank the dudes from Riviera for the interview. Peace!!

Interview with Greg Tassos from Get With It!!



Welcome Back viewers tonight we have a interview with Greg Tassos from Pop – Punk band Get With It Enjoy!!!

TM: What is your craziest stage moment or at a show?

Tassos: “A couple weeks ago, I climbed the rafters at a venue and hung from it while singing our song “Ghost In My Past” I picked the wrong rafter to climb cause it was the one with the fan on it and i kept getting hit.”

TM :What does Get With It have coming up?

Tassos: “Well Thursday we have a show in morgantown,
with Open Graves, Reanimator, Liota from PA, Cross Me from WI, and Vulgar Display from TX. Then on the 16th we have a show in Grafton with Of Existence, The Beast and His Image, and Conquerors”

TM:You guys seem very busy?

Tassos: “haha the busiest we have but, honestly, we haven’t seen each other since our last show”

TM: Is this the first time you guys will be playing with each other since the last show?

Tassos: “hahahaha yep, we’re notorious for that”

TM: Are you guys nervous that the crowd will react the same way?

Tassos: “we do it for fun, we’ve always been about that, our notoriety is that we don’t care”

TM :What is one song you wish you would have written?

Tassos: “hm…Cags by With The Punches. Shit is the GREATEST pop-punk song in existence”

TM :What weapon would you choose in the zombie Apocalypse?

Tassos: “easy. Katana. silent but deadly”

TM :What advice can you give bands just starting out?

Tassos: “fuck it, do what you enjoy, have fun, dont start shit or talk shit. Most importantly have fun.

TM :Tell me why people should check out Get With It?

Tassos: “We’re just 5 friends who thought it’d be fun to make noises. If you’re into that then you can check us out. We have our EP for free and it’s been that since the start. We just all love music. We’re fun.”

Tassos: “Special thanks to you, and to anyone who’s ever gone to a show or supported any form of local arts. it’s with them that you can do this, and we can play silly shows”

I would like to thank Greg and the guys from Get With It for the fun shows and more to come Peace!!