Interview with Jamie from Bring Me The Author!!

bring me the

Today I talked to Jamie the guitarist for the band Bring Me The Author!!


How did Bring Me The Author form?

Jamie: “We started out as a tribute band to Coheed and Cambria. Our original plan was to play a single night of about 20 Coheed songs (Jordan and Jamie are really into them) We did the show and it went great. We kind of all felt after that it would be a shame to stop playing together, Jordan said he had some songs we could work on, and it kind of took off from there.”


Is there a new album in the works?

Jamie: “Yes, We are currently Pre Producing our next record entitiled “Act 2: The defined” We have released two teaser tracks from it “Prometheus” and “The First Time Always Hurts” Both songs are available for free download on our web page as well as our first record “Act 1: beginning to an end” is free”


Who are your influences?

Jamie: “Coheed and Cambria, Thrice, Taking back Sunday, Between the Buried and me, Boys night out, early 2000’s “screamo stuff like that. We like bouncing/catchy/heavy music.”


What kind of response are you getting on your song Call to Arms I: Beginning to an End?

Jamie: “The response to that song has been largely positive, we put it up for download on and so far it has gathered over 4500+ downloads.”


Have you been pursued by any labels yet?

Jamie: “We have talked to people, but nothing serious at this point. We are focusing on Act 2, putting all our effort into that.”


Do you have any tours set up?

Jamie: “We just finished a mini “tour” of Ontario doing about 7 shows in 10 days with our friends in a band called “conversation” Currently we have nothing planned since we are working on the new record, but once that is done, we will be back to playing and I am sure we will be doing some touring.”


What would you like to tell your fans?

Jamie: “Come out to a show and sing along.”


What do you do in your free time?

Jamie: “We as a band are fairly focused on BMTA and it occupies a lot of our spare time, some of us are students and some of us work full time. Between those things and the band, we are all very busy people.”


Bring me the Author

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Interview with Chris Shuttlesworth from Haggard Wulf!!


Today I talked to good ol’ two piece band by the name of Haggard Wulf!!


How did Haggard Wulf form?

Chris: “Mike and I were previously in a short-lived band together called Rockets to Russia. We both moved to NC, then I moved to CA for a while. We both eventually migrated back to Morgantown and started Haggard Wulf for real. The reason I say for real, is because it was a fictitious band that we created, at least the name anyway, about 5 years or so prior to actually playing as such. The name came about when we were talking about cliche tattoos and something along the lines of “A lot of people tend to have a wolf howling at the moon on the upper arm and it’s all haggard looking, just a haggard wolf…” From that conversation, we jokingly made a fictitious band. We changed the spelling to Wulf and added the umlaut over the “u” because of Motorhead pretty much. Mike drew the original logo on a fry box at Wendy’s. We’ve had people ask if it has anything to do with Merle Haggard and/or Howlin’ Wolf and as much as they’re both influences, it’s just pure coincidence.”


Can you tell me anything about your new EP Mourningside?

Chris: “The new Mourningside EP should be done very soon. We’ve put it off for the past year or so in favor of a tour, local shows and what not. Two of the songs that are on it are part of our regular live shows – The Tall Man and Grave Robbin’. The theme of the EP is based around the Phantasm movies. We tracked one of the songs (The Tall Man) during our session for the Stalnaker Brothers split, but we plan to just re-record the whole EP in one swoop. Since there’s only 2 of us and typically we record everything live, all it would take is a free afternoon to get it knocked out hopefully.”


How would you describe your sound?

Chris: “You would think that might be easy to pinpoint, considering we’re a 2-piece band… However, I always have a hard time “labeling” our sound into a specific genre. It’s a mixture of blues, some rockabilly, punk and folk, maybe even a bit of metal. We both have a pretty good variety of musical influences, so we just toss them all in and see what comes out. We’ve been referred to as blues punk, I can live with that. For the longest time early on, people thought we were a metal band. I think a lot of that might have been due to some of the metal bands we have and do play with.”


How was it making a vinyl record?

Chris: “We were excited to finally get something out on vinyl. We took the time to self-record the split 7″ EP with the Stalnaker Brothers last Summer. We recorded the songs one afternoon at their house and I mixed everything myself afterwards. The end result was much how I imagined it would be… It’s really gratifying to hold a physical copy of a record that you’ve recorded, put it on a turntable and drop the needle. It’s got a certain cool factor that you just can’t get from an mp3 player, computer, or whatever random streaming digital gadget. Those things are just empty and soulless to me. Ask the guy in Lithuania who I shipped one to, he knows what’s up!”


Tell me how it being on Dead Delta Records?

Chris: “Dead Delta Records is a new indie label that I started. The Haggard Wulf / Stalnaker Brothers split was the first release. There are a few more releases set for the future (in addition to our Mourningside EP), which will be another vinyl split with Spence’s Rye and a few more. I’m going to be recruiting some help, so I hope that it will expand as time progresses.”


Who are your influences?

Chris: “My musical tastes are all over the place, so pretty much anything I’ve heard in one way or another has influenced me, whether directly or indirectly. I especially like old Delta blues (Robert Johnson, Skip James, Muddy Waters, etc.) a lot of 50’s rock n’ roll / rockabilly (Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, etc.). Then we can move on to the 60’s and I’ll go with your garage rock / psych variety (13th Floor Elevators, The Count Five, The Stooges, etc.) then of course your heavy hitters like The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Doors, The Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath, etc. I could go on and on from here like The Clash, The Ramones, Misfits, The Cramps and so on. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Chris: “Mike and I share a lot of the same tastes in music, but he has more of a metal side than I do. He had the nickname “Metal Mike” for a good while and it shows. He’s really into old Iron Maiden, Danzig, Slayer, Grim Reaper, etc. His secret love for Pat Benatar, Bonnie Tyler and 90’s grunge should also be noted. We’re both big Cult fans too. So, if you take all of these influences and throw them in a pot, it makes a pretty interesting stew.”


What would you like to tell your fans?

Chris: “First and foremost, support your local music scene! There are a lot of great bands in and around Morgantown and it has such an amazing history from the early days of the Underground Railroad to 123 Pleasant Street in the now. Go out and see a random show, you might stumble upon someone or something that makes an impression on you, be it good or bad. Pick up an instrument and start a band. Write a song and sing or yell it to someone nearby, whether they want to hear it or not. Put on shows in your basement, living room, back yard or wherever. We’ll come play them! The bottom line is, rock n’ roll isn’t dead… we’ll continue to spread the gospel and we hope that you’ll join us in doing so.”

Interview with Michael from Sunflower Dead!!


Today I talked to a band that has awesome stage presents and got to talk to Michael from Sunflower Dead!!


How did Sunflower Dead form?

Michael: “Without getting into the mundane details of who everyone is, SFD was a culmination of years of hard work by 5 individuals from various national touring bands that came together quite effortlessly. The most exciting part about the formation of SFD is the feeling of being guided as opposed to guiding the band. I equate it to getting on a train and letting it take you where it wants to go. It is a very genuine and heartfelt experience. We came to win!”


Tell me bout the feeling you got once you heard you will be hitting the road with Powerman 5000?

Michael: “As far as the Powerman Tour, the band is very excited. It will be our 6th Tour as a band. The routing is great, Hed Pe who is also on the bill are our great friends and we get to keep creating Evil Seeds up front and in person.”


How hard is it to write a according part in a song?

Michael: “The accordion is the most natural instrument for me to express myself on outside of my vocals. It is not difficult at all to write on it. What I play on that instrument always just flows out of me. It is an extension of me, my inhuman lung.”


How is it on Bloody Bat records?

Michael: “Bloody Bat Records is our label so we are very good to ourselves haha!”


Tell me about you debut record?

Michael: “ Our debut album is exactly what we needed it to be, a very raw yet direct look into what SFD is all about. It has 11 songs that show 5 guys staring life directly in the eye, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel while having a insanely beautiful time doing it.”


What is one song you wish you would have wrote and why?

Michael: “To be honest, we write the songs I personally want to hear so I am very happy.”


What would you like to tell your fans?

Michael: “Evil Seeds are so supportive of what we do already in our young career. We are always surprised how fanatic they already are and couldn’t be more surprised and excited by them. BOOM!”

Interview with Steve from Man On Earth!!


Today I talked to Man On Earth and be sure if you live in the clarksburg wv area they will be playing there tonight!!


How did Man on Earth form?

Steve: “It started in Steven Nathan’s bedroom, then after a post in Craigslist and a few weeks of auditions, Man On Earth was formed.”


How excited are to play at The Main Street Cafe?

Steve: “We’re very excited! It’s our first time in this area so we’re hoping to make some new friends.”


How was working with Cooper Anderson?

Steve: “We’ve known Cooper for years now. He’s the best! He actually co-wrote this album with us. We called our recording sessions “Coopductions”.”


What do you guys have in the works?

Steve: “Well, we released the new record “Man On Earth” in March. Then we set sail with “miggs” and “Open Air Stereo” for a 2 month tour hitting all 4 corners of the US. We came home to regroup and are now on a 3+ week tour with our friends “DIVE”. What happens next remains to be told.”


How has been your favorite band to tour with?

Steve: “We’ve had the pleasure of touring with some great bands. To name a few…in no particular order: miggs, Gone By Daylight, Son of a Bad Man, DIVE, Hawthorne Heights”


Is there a Story behind the name Man On Earth?

Steve: “There is but you’d have to ask Nathan to describe it better for you. I’ve heard him describe the group of words as “all encompassing”. It is who we are and what we know.”


What is your favorite video game?

Steve: “I don’t play, but my bunkmate Mochello plays GTA5 and NHL14 nonstop! It’s fun to watch him play GTA. NHL? not so much. His PSN is acefive”


What would you like to tell your fans?

Steve: “Think positively. Enjoy your life each day. If you are not doing what you’d like to do in life, stop what you are doing and start!”

Interview with The Whisky Rebellion!!


Today I talked to The Whisky Rebellion go and check them out!


How did The Whisky Rebellion form?

Band: “2008, Johnny Burns and Matt Stookey put and album together of unused tracks from old bands. The album was titled the Sweetest Thing. In 2010, Johnny met Garret Sinagra and formed the band with Kevin Grem and Tim Sterling. After departures of both Kevin and Tim, They brought in Jason Barr and newest member Kristin Wagner in 2012 and 2014 respectively. 2013 Saw the release of “Collapse the Masses” The bands Second record. While there have been some lineup changes, The group gets tighter and becomes closer with every passing show.”


Who are your influences?

Band: “We are unique in that everyone in the band has a small set of agreed interests, and then an entirely different set of individual musician influences that add different things to the bands overall sound. We all did Metallica, Pantera, Machine Head, Trivium, Black Label Society, and Megadeth. But While Garret and Barr are influenced individually by the heavier side of Metal individually, John is influenced by Lead players of the 70’s and 80’s. Kristin is a mixed bag with Punk, Metal, and virtuoso players like Victor Wooten. All of these sounds come together to make the cocktail called The Whisky Rebellion.”


Do you have a new album in the works?

Band: “We are always writing and recording things. Keeps it fresh and allows us to have songs in the wings if we want to start a new record. So while there are no immediate plans to record, the material could be there very quickly.”


Tell me how you came up with the motto Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave?

Band: “That creed comes directly from Stone Cold Steve Austin of the WWE (F) actually. The idea was that we didn’t want to be the band that have a different intensity depending on the size of the crowd or the venue. If you come to see us, we go 110% regardless of any of those variables because thats what our fans deserve. We show up, kill it, then we go about our business.”


Out of your two full albums which is your favorite and why?

Band: “The Sweetest Thing was a record of two people, John Burns at Matt Stookey. Collapse the Masses is a record of the entire band with input from all members. So record 2 is better than record 1 for sure. Honestly though, our best music is ahead of us. The more we all play together and jam different songs and extend spots in our current music, the more we realize how much better we can be as a band. Those 2 records are preseason football to us. We haven’t even started the regular season yet.”


Do you have any shows coming up?

Band: “Always. Go to and check the schedule. We book in batches so it gets updated regularly. If you don’t see your town on the list, get at us and we will do our best to add it. As always, if you want us to come demolish an audience at your place and keep people drinking and carryon on all night, email and we will make it happen.”


How do you go about the writing process?

Band: “I don’t think we have a set method honestly. We come up with lots of ideas and sit down and pick the best stuff. Once we have some parts that fit, we listen and work on them to expand each song. We plan to approach the next record more organically than the last, as we are not pressured for time on it.”


What would you like to tell your fans?

Band: “Come to a show. Drink some Whiskey. Drink some Beer. Love it loud. Turn it up. Raise some hell, and have a good time. Be Rebellious!”

Interview with Antonio Jandro from Discord Curse!!

How did Discord Curse form?

Jandro: “Well I (Antonio Jandro) wrote and recorded all of the instruments and vocals. After that I just got the perfect line up from previous band I have been in. Discord curse has only been a band for a month or 2.”


How is recording of your first release coming?

Jandro: “Recording is going great! I love being in the studio adding all I can to our songs. We just bought a new bass too so all thats left to record is bass and 1 more song of vocals”


Who are your influences?

Jandro: “My influences that made me start playing guitar were Megadeth, Pantera and Slayer. After I started getting good at that I begged my mom to get me a shitty drumset and I learned a lot of Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. Then one day when i was like 14 a friend showed me Bring Me The Horizon and Whitechapel. I instantly got into hardcore death metal after that.”


What genre would you put your band in?

Jandro: “Discord Curse is really a mix of Thrash, Death, Groove, and Hardcore metal.”


If you could tour with one band who would it be and why?

Jandro: “Definetly Megadeth! Dave Mustaine is my hero. And if I could bring back Dimebag Darrell I would tour with Pantera and mosh to every one of their sets”


What would you like to tell your fans?

Jandro: “Id like to tell all my fans that I cant wait to meet you and have fun times! If you see me please come up to me and lets party and make memories!”

Interview with Eric and Dallas from We Live Like Thieves!!



Today I talked to incoming band by the name We Live Like Thieves!!


Tell me about your style of music?

Dallas: “We’re a mix between Pop Punk and Hardcore (A Day To Remember/Chunk! No Captain Chunk!)”

Eric: “I’m not exactly sure. We’re a mix between pop punk and hardcore but there’s more than that. Some people call it “easycore” but I’m not too sure. Honestly, we don’t want to be limited by a genre so we’ll call it music.”


Tell me about your single Who Tells My Story?

Dallas: “This is one of our favorite songs. It’s super catchy, and heartfelt. The song is basically about making a decision to live your life the way YOU wan’t to live it, and we choose to live our lives for God. Don’t let anyone tell you who to be, tell your own story.”

Eric: “This is one of the songs that we wrote with our original line up last year. We changed basically EVERYTHING musically and I even re-wrote some of the lyrics. It’s a song that hits super close to home for me. My parents and all the adults in my life were telling me to life life a certain way and to live according to what they say is right, but I kept on feeling this tugging on my heart to go after music and the ministry that goes with it. I actually tried running away from it a few times by going to college and almost joining the Navy. I just wanted to make my parents proud and I thought that would. But now life is completely different for me and I’m in love with being broke and making music that The Lord is happy with and I’m passionate about.”


How is the pop punk scene in Texas?

Dallas:” Very small, but passionate. We love all of our brothers and sisters, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the near future!”

Eric: “Is “Lol” an answer? Nah. The scene is REALLY small but hard hitting. Like Dallas said, it’s small and passionate. There are great bands spread out all over the state. We can’t wait to meet them. Us lame pop punk kids have to stick together right? Like, our homies that are in a hardcore band called Revivalist give me grief about pizza and all those other stereotypes. All in good fun though. “


If you could fight one public figure who would it back and why?

Dallas: “Hmm..That’s a tough one. Probably John Cena. How cool what it be to get beat up by that guy!?”

Eric: “Dude…. This is a toughie. I’m really not a fighter so this is hard. They’d have to hurt my family or something. It’ll be in defense. It would probably be Kim Jong-il. It would just be so I could give him a smack down while wearing an American flag as a cape and then a red, white, and blue Luchador mask. Then i’d scream “USA! USA! USA!” afterwards like Grandpa Nichols from Drake and Josh.”


What do you have coming up?

Dallas: “We’ll be playing across Texas all summer. And we’re gearing up to record our debut EP, hopefully to be released by Fall/Winter 2014″

Eric: “Same as what Dallas said. We’re so psyched to be playing more shows all over the place and the record an EP.”


Any word on maybe a lyric video for a single?

Dallas: “We’ll more then likely be releasing a new single late Summer, so keep your eyes and ears open.”

Eric: “We haven’t even really thought about it. That would be dope as crap though.”


How did We Live Like Thieves form?

Dallas: “It all started in our vocalist Eric’s home town. He and I met at one of the original line up’s shows, and we hit it off instantly. The band eventually broke up, and he and I started playing together. We then picked up Neil and Tyler, and it all happened naturally.”

Eric: “We first formed as an acoustic side project of a metal band called Heaven Help The Wolves that I played bass and did clean vocals for. It was just Dayden Bledsoe on the guitar and me singing. We then brought in our friend Tep White on guitar. It was just for fun. I filled in on bass for my friend’s band called Breaking Point. Their drummer Gavin Boyd and I both clicked instantly because we were both pop punk fans. Pretty fast after, that he quit and he and I talked the acoustic We Live Like Thieves into playing as a full pop punk band. I played bass and sang. It was fun and cool while it lasted! After we broke up, I moved from Midland (worst town ever) to Abilene. I chose Abilene because I was called to this music scene. It needed hope and happy music. The Lord needed a way to work here. I also fell in love with the town after we had played some shows here. They were super receptive and cool to us. After I moved here, Dallas and I were jamming some old WLLT songs and he brought up the idea of starting it up again almost a year later. Some lame stuff happened but we stayed persistent with it and we’re here now.”


Describe your band in one word?

Dallas: “Weird..Haha!”

Eric: “Corn Flakes was the first thing to come to my mind but that’s two words. Weird is definitely accurate but I’ll have to say passionate. We’re all very passion driven people so everything going because of The Lord working through that in us.”