Interview with Eric and Dallas from We Live Like Thieves!!



Today I talked to incoming band by the name We Live Like Thieves!!


Tell me about your style of music?

Dallas: “We’re a mix between Pop Punk and Hardcore (A Day To Remember/Chunk! No Captain Chunk!)”

Eric: “I’m not exactly sure. We’re a mix between pop punk and hardcore but there’s more than that. Some people call it “easycore” but I’m not too sure. Honestly, we don’t want to be limited by a genre so we’ll call it music.”


Tell me about your single Who Tells My Story?

Dallas: “This is one of our favorite songs. It’s super catchy, and heartfelt. The song is basically about making a decision to live your life the way YOU wan’t to live it, and we choose to live our lives for God. Don’t let anyone tell you who to be, tell your own story.”

Eric: “This is one of the songs that we wrote with our original line up last year. We changed basically EVERYTHING musically and I even re-wrote some of the lyrics. It’s a song that hits super close to home for me. My parents and all the adults in my life were telling me to life life a certain way and to live according to what they say is right, but I kept on feeling this tugging on my heart to go after music and the ministry that goes with it. I actually tried running away from it a few times by going to college and almost joining the Navy. I just wanted to make my parents proud and I thought that would. But now life is completely different for me and I’m in love with being broke and making music that The Lord is happy with and I’m passionate about.”


How is the pop punk scene in Texas?

Dallas:” Very small, but passionate. We love all of our brothers and sisters, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the near future!”

Eric: “Is “Lol” an answer? Nah. The scene is REALLY small but hard hitting. Like Dallas said, it’s small and passionate. There are great bands spread out all over the state. We can’t wait to meet them. Us lame pop punk kids have to stick together right? Like, our homies that are in a hardcore band called Revivalist give me grief about pizza and all those other stereotypes. All in good fun though. “


If you could fight one public figure who would it back and why?

Dallas: “Hmm..That’s a tough one. Probably John Cena. How cool what it be to get beat up by that guy!?”

Eric: “Dude…. This is a toughie. I’m really not a fighter so this is hard. They’d have to hurt my family or something. It’ll be in defense. It would probably be Kim Jong-il. It would just be so I could give him a smack down while wearing an American flag as a cape and then a red, white, and blue Luchador mask. Then i’d scream “USA! USA! USA!” afterwards like Grandpa Nichols from Drake and Josh.”


What do you have coming up?

Dallas: “We’ll be playing across Texas all summer. And we’re gearing up to record our debut EP, hopefully to be released by Fall/Winter 2014″

Eric: “Same as what Dallas said. We’re so psyched to be playing more shows all over the place and the record an EP.”


Any word on maybe a lyric video for a single?

Dallas: “We’ll more then likely be releasing a new single late Summer, so keep your eyes and ears open.”

Eric: “We haven’t even really thought about it. That would be dope as crap though.”


How did We Live Like Thieves form?

Dallas: “It all started in our vocalist Eric’s home town. He and I met at one of the original line up’s shows, and we hit it off instantly. The band eventually broke up, and he and I started playing together. We then picked up Neil and Tyler, and it all happened naturally.”

Eric: “We first formed as an acoustic side project of a metal band called Heaven Help The Wolves that I played bass and did clean vocals for. It was just Dayden Bledsoe on the guitar and me singing. We then brought in our friend Tep White on guitar. It was just for fun. I filled in on bass for my friend’s band called Breaking Point. Their drummer Gavin Boyd and I both clicked instantly because we were both pop punk fans. Pretty fast after, that he quit and he and I talked the acoustic We Live Like Thieves into playing as a full pop punk band. I played bass and sang. It was fun and cool while it lasted! After we broke up, I moved from Midland (worst town ever) to Abilene. I chose Abilene because I was called to this music scene. It needed hope and happy music. The Lord needed a way to work here. I also fell in love with the town after we had played some shows here. They were super receptive and cool to us. After I moved here, Dallas and I were jamming some old WLLT songs and he brought up the idea of starting it up again almost a year later. Some lame stuff happened but we stayed persistent with it and we’re here now.”


Describe your band in one word?

Dallas: “Weird..Haha!”

Eric: “Corn Flakes was the first thing to come to my mind but that’s two words. Weird is definitely accurate but I’ll have to say passionate. We’re all very passion driven people so everything going because of The Lord working through that in us.”





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