Interview with Ryan Neff from Miss May I!!!!


Today I had the pleasure to talk on the phone to Ryan Neff and it was a fun conversation we had we talked about new album which you should pick up if you haven’t called Rise Of The Lion, to talking about upcoming Mayhem Festival so enjoy this like I did.. Stay Metal!!!

What is your craziest stage moment?

Ryan: “I’ve been known to hang from the ceiling quite a bit. In Japan I climbed a few levels into the balcony by climbing up the mains of the PA, then hung my bass over the crowd”

How was playing Rock on the Range?

Ryan: “ROTR was a really cool home state gig for us, we had a blast. It was cool to be a part of such a giant festival in Ohio. We don’t get to play there as often as we would like.”

Did you think Echoes would be the most played song off the new album on the radio?

Ryan: “As far as the radio content stuff we knew it would, but that doesn’t always mean it will go well with the live audience. Its been a pleasant surprise to see it enjoyed by all the fans.”

How excited you are about playing Mayhem Festival?

Ryan: “The whole band is pumped. We love the festival atmosphere and can’t wait to take part in the madness.”

What do you like to do off tour?

Ryan: “I’m a big auto racing fan, Sunday and Nascar are my favorite part of the week. I’m a fan of motor racing all around from F1 and Indy car to the American stock cars, and sports car racing.”

If you could fight on public figure who would it be and why?

Ryan: “Lets all just sock Nancy Grace once for being a total fuck.”

How do you get pumped before a show?

Ryan: “I like a few shots of whiskey, a good vocal and bass warm-up, and jamming some music I love to get me pumped.”

How was working with Terry Date on Rise Of The Lion?

Ryan: “Terry was awesome. He’s recorded so many of our favorite records so we had a blast learning from him and creating a record together.”

What would you like to tell your fans?

Ryan: “Thanks for supporting ROTL, and all the Miss May I records – we love all of you and hope to see you circle pitting at a gig soon.”

I want to thank Ryan and Ally for this chance to do this I hope they enjoyed it cause I did and cant wait to see these guys at Mayhem and talk to them again!!!


Interview with Trint Taylor and Greg Ebie from Defy Reailty!!!!


Today I talked to Trint and Greg from the band Defy Reality these guys have a sound like old school Trivium and dress like Upon A Burning Body!!!

How did Defy Reality form?

Trint & Greg: “Defy Reality formed in a small town called Garrettsville ohio, Greg Ebie our drummer and Brad Stachowski our guitarist have been just jamming together for a few years and a few small projects. I being the vocalist started doing Vocal Covers and posting them on youtube and facebook, and was contacted by my drummer Greg and asked to try out. I did and got the job, That very same day Don Chaffins came in and became out bassist of our band then the writing process began. We played our first show September 13th 2013. After that show we introduced our newest and youngest Guitarst Nick Labas to our family.”

Who are your influences?

Trint & Greg: “Each member of this band is different. We had a huge vast diversity of metal influences individually. We have taken these and .brought them together and or agreed to disagree on certain things. We like to say we are influenced by bands like Between The Buried and Me. White Chapel. but we try really hard to take influences and keep them only influences. We don’t want to sound like this band or that band we want to sound like Defy Reality”

How is Now or Never tour going so far
Trint & Greg: “We are apart of this tour but not in the way you think, we are only apart of one date of this tour and that is tomorrow, we are very good friends It Lies Within. The two bands actually touring are It Lies Within and One Year Later. We have big hopes of tour the beginning of fall”

Tell me about the 6 track EP you have been working on?
Trint & Greg: “The six track EP we recorded back in December. The EP is a Concept EP it tells a story start to finish if i explained the entire story we would be here a while, I will give the cliff notes version. In short our EP tells of the rising up and taking over of what is evil, bad, corrupt and Making it whole again, cleansing it. i wrote five of the six songs and can you the way i wrote them allows them to take their own meaning from it and allow to relate it to something in their life, you will not hear a single cuss word in our music. We feel that throwing the F word in a song 56 times is stupid and looks like you as band cannot write or even have much of a vocabulary. We incorporated a story instead of talking about the generic metal stereotypes. like hate, death, limb dismemberment. we feel that is stupid and with as much emotion is put into metal why not have a positive message instead of preaching about killing and hate.”

How was it making the lyric video for Shell By Shell?

Trint & Greg: “We actually worked with a good friend of ours Brandon Tharp who works with Behind the Lens Productions. He was very price friendly and wanted to work with us. it was a good experience.”

Have you been told you guys kinda have a old Trivium sound?

Trint & Greg: “We have gotten many diverse comparisons on our music from white chapel, too Trivium, August Burns Red, Between the Buried and me.”

What are your plans after this tour is finished?

Trint & Greg: “Well since you now know were not actually touring but, we are currently working on more new material to play at upcoming shows. We will currently keep writing and hopefully work on on a full length sometime in the future.”

If you spend the day with a living or dead musician who would it be and why?

Trint & Greg: “Each member would have a different choice of musician, my drummer i know would pick Blake Richardson from Between the Buried in me because it is his favorite band.
I personally would pick Phill Bozemen of white chapel, ive met him once and he was incredibly down to earth guy, hearing stories of the stuff hes gone through and overcome is only more inspiration to keep working on my vocals and keep pushing for my dream in this band. The band in whole, Probably love to continue to hangout with the guys in It Lies Within some Great musicians and even better people.”

What would you like to tell your fans?

Trint & Greg: “We would not be anywhere close to where we are now without support from friends, family, fans, Those big three. We can work as hard and as much as we want but if no ones there to see that hard work it doesn’t mean as much. Our fans are not just fans each one we want to get to know we want to meet. We want them to see us at a show and come up and talk to us. We love our fans, If we get signed or make it to the next level we want them to know who got us there and we wont forget them.”

Interview with Taylor from We gave It Hell!!!!


Today I talked to Taylor from We Gave It Hell you will see them from holes in walls to once on the big stage at Mayhem you will see them on tour also.

How did We Gave It Hell form?

Taylor: “We formed originally through Craiglist ads and mutual friends. We’ve been through a lot of member changes and members going in and out of the band since the beginning. Our current lineup consists of Parker, Drew and Justin who are all original members along with Adam and Taylor who joined the band later in our career. When our singer from our first EP left, Taylor took up the vocal spot and Adam officially joined the band. We have had this lineup for almost two years.”

Who are your influences?

Taylor: “We have a lot of different influences from all genres. We range from Deftones, Born of Osiris, and Architects to Justin Timberlake, old school West Coast hip-hop, and EDM, etc.”

How was playing Rockstar Mayhem Festival for a date?

Taylor: “It was a great experience. The people at the Sumerian stage were really good to us and the crowd was sick. Kids came out of nowhere and starting moshing right when we started. And eating lunch next to Rob Zombie was pretty awesome too.”

What was it like shooting your live music video?

Taylor: “It was dope. We were playing to such a huge crowd, I sometimes forgot we were being filmed, but the footage Keene (the director) got came out sick as fuck.”

How excited are you to play on The All Stars Tour?

Taylor: “We’re stoked to play with all the bands on the line-up! We’ve been listening to most of those bands for years. Stoked to see Structures for the first time!”

Tell me a little about your new EP?

Taylor: “The new EP is called “The Conditioning” and it kind of has theme of being controlled by the hierarchies of our world and encouraging people to think outside of the box a bit. There are melodic songs, heavy breakdowns, big choruses and we’re really proud of it. The new stuff we are writing we feel is even better!”

Who has been your favorite band to play with?

Taylor: “It was really cool to play with Born of Osiris at last years extreme thing. They were really cool dudes and they put on a crazy live show. To share the stage with Volumes was awesome too. We’ve known them for a while now. Been following them since they started. Another big favorite of ours was Bring Me the Horizon and Killswitch Engage. Never in a million years did we think we would be sharing the stage with either. They both put on phenomenal performances and we really look up to them as people and as musicians”

What do you like to do off tour?

Taylor: “We like to chill and drink good craft brews and talk about space, play super smash bros and hang out at Drew’s house. We also probably say the stupidest shit and laugh for way too long. We can get pretty weird. I don’t think anybody makes the kind of strange noises we make when we’re together for an extended period of time.”

What would you like to tell your fans?
Taylor: “Thank you for all your support with the new EP and the band in general. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you! We can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve got in store for you next!”

Interview with Alex Sassaris from Eve To Adam!!!


Today Im very excited to be part of this interview with Alex Sassaris from Eve To Adam this was so much fun and enjoyed doing this so much so I want to thank Alex and the guys and pick up there new album!!

How did Eve to Adam form?

Alex: “ETA’s earliest inception began with my brother Taki and I in south Florida under the care and guidance of famed song writer and producer Desmond Child. After an early production deal, some demos and song writing sessions with Desmond, Taki and I elected to leave Florida, and transplanted to New York City in hopes of finding the right guitar player with whom we could craft a sound and style. This is when when we met New Jersey guitar hero, and brother, Gaurav Bali, after we answered his ad in the back of the Village Voice. The three of us have been making albums and touring together to present day.”

How has the response been for your album Locked and Loaded?

Alex: “The response to Locked and Loaded has been phenomenal! It is sonically by far our strongest, most dynamic offering, and it is stacked from front to back with killer fucking songs….. We made a conscious effort in the studio with mega producer Elvis Baskette, to not have one track that was a throw away, or a filler track, and I feel we succeed…”

Have you played any festivals this summer?

Alex: “We began the festival season as the main stage opener for WJRR’s Earth Day Birthday in Orlando Florida. We have continued on to the Jager stage at Carolina Rebellion, River City Rockfest in San Antonio, Rocklahoma, KQRC’s ROCKFEST in Kansas City (largest single day festival of the year). We will round out the summer festivals with The Bear Growl in Indiana, and ROCKFEST in Cadott Wisconsin.”

How’s life on tour?

Alex: “Life on tour is… a whirlwind of vans, buses, trailers, tractor trailers, planes, airports, hotels, pavement, blue skies, rainy days….dirty, sexy rock clubs, theaters, festivals……cities, towns, beers, whiskey bottles, vodka bottles, Jager bottles, red bull, monster, rock star, five hour energy, coffee, cigarettes, girls, big fat joints, dabs, edibles…crowds, fans, crew, drivers, smart phones, Netflix, shots at the bar, selling merch, adulation, self loathing, constant doubt, debt, excitement, nervousness, missing your family, longing, brotherhood, crushing it on stage, and living the DREAM!!!!”

Who has been your favorite band to tour with?

Alex: “Favorite band to tour with has to be Escape The Fate. We were part of a sick west coast run in Feb of 2014 as direct support, that turned out to be a total blast. The ETF guys are super cool, and throw down hard on stage. Their crowds took to our show, and it was mayhem from the first song to the last note…Crazy pits, crowd surfing, and merciless energy coursing through the crowd, a truly unforgettable tour and experience.”

What was the feeling like when you first heard your song on the radio?

Alex: “The feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment is the best way to describe it. After you think of all the countless hours of practice/development, financial investment, and infrastructure that is required to get a song played on the radio, it really feels like a dream the first time you hear it on the airwaves.”

What is your craziest stage moment?

Alex: “Playing in front of the 25,000 plus crowd at KQRC’s Rockfest second stage is definitely crazy…I couldn’t see the end of the crowd, and to see a huge pit erupt info front of the stage with as insane!!!”

What would you like to tell your fans?

Alex: “I would like to say thank you to our fans. Without them, there would be no reason for any of this. The love and respect they have for our songs and albums is what keeps us in the game… Thank You!”

Interview with Prathesh Prasad from Slap The Bull!!


Today I talked to Prathesh Prasad from the band Slap The Bull this is a very clever name be on the look out for them in either in the studio or on the road!!

How did Slap The Bull form?

Prasad: “Well, Most of us knew each other in high school and we ended up in the same University. We knew what each other were capable of and we thought why not. So we got together and voila Slap The Bull.

Who are influences?

Prasad: “We don’t really idolize any band, but we’ve definitely picked out some brilliant artists for their particular talent like:
Chad Kroeger’s voice, Clive Burr’s drums of hell, or Frusciante’s solos”

What do you have coming up?

Prasad: “As of now, most of us are leaving for higher studies. So currently we are on standby. However the rest of us are forming a new line-up by filling the gaps. Can’t wait for it!”

Where do you see the band in 5 years?

Prasad: “To be frank no clue! But we’ll be spreading our music as long as we can.”

Is there a full album in works?

Prasad: “As of now, no. But with the new line-up we’ll be definitely looking forward to making one.”

What would you like to tell your fans?

Prasad: “Its the fans who are responsible for the success of this band so far. The brilliant support and encouragement is the vital reason why we’re still growing. All we have to say is to keep supporting us and you guys are doing an amazing job!”

Interview with Jaxon Moore from Here Lies The Hero!!!


Today I had a chance to talk to Here Lies The Hero in my opinion I love the name and the music these guys produce just saying.

How did Here Lies The Hero form?

Jaxon: “Chaney and I met in choir and formed several bands, the last of which ended up being Here Lies the Hero. There have been several incarnations of the band over time, but the only constants from the very beginning have been Chaney and I.”

Who are your influences?

Jaxon: “I cannot speak for the rest of the band, but I listen to ALL kinds of music. My main influences for this band’s sound are definitely bands like Saosin and Underoath. Those are my two big influences.”

Would you say kinda like the Deftones?

Jaxon: “I love Deftones! Chino is such a talented vocalist and they have yet to come out with a disappointing album. I think all of the members are fans of the music from that point in the 90’s. 90’s metal was the best!”

What shows you have coming up?

Jaxon: “We are playing at the Epicenter in San Diego this weekend on the 22nd, and then again at The Cobalt Cafe here in Los Angeles on July 18th!”

Is there going to be a full length album with in the year?

Jaxon: “You know, I can’t say for sure, but we ARE already writing new material. I have about 6 or 7 songs that I’m feeling pretty confident about and I’m sure the other guys have ideas to mess around with as well. That would be the goal! This year would be great! We shall see.”

Tell me about writing the EP Adrift?

Jaxon: “Writing Adrift was really cool because we have 2 new members in the band now, thus there are 2 new brains and ways of thinking contributing to the sound that we have already established. The songs on Adrift came out of us pretty naturally. We don’t like to restrict ourselves as far as what the definition of a conventional song is. If we write a song that comes from our collective minds naturally with only one chorus or it happens to be 6 or 7 minutes long, then we like to keep it that way. The story behind the songs follows the concept that we started on our Carpathia EP about a couple who have to weather a symbolic (but also very literal) storm that descends upon them in the midst of a dark time in their relationship while aboard a ship called the Carpathia. This EP is more about finding your inner strength when you’ve lost something or someone dear to you. Our character has to face the emotions that come with coming to terms with a reality where you are both physically and emotionally alone as well as the physical battle of staying alive while being Adrift in the middle of an ocean. These struggles that our character is going through act as mirrors to the struggles that everyone in the band has either been through, or is going through currently, and the way we write is very therapeutic in that way.

What is your favorite video game?

Jaxon: “Well I would say that the big “gamer” in the band is John, but the one series of games that I play rather religiously are the Halo games. I used to be more into video games, but Halo is all I have time for these days!”

What would you like to tell your fans?

Jaxon: “We would like to tell our fans that we are so grateful to everyone who kept their faith in us during our big move to California and continue to support us. We are so proud of this new EP and we really hope that the fans love it, too. We cannot stress enough how important your support is to this band and we can’t wait to meet each and every one of you the next time we come through your area!”

Interview with The Alaskan!!!!


Today I talked to a deathcore band from Albany NY by the name of The Alaskan. They have been in the scene for a short time but already doing shows with some huge bands be sure to look them up!!

How did The Alaskan form?

Band: “Well, back in 2012, Mickey, Kyle and I were in a band called OH! Yeller, along with our original drummer Mike and our buddies Murphy and Tristan. We started to write some new material, different from what we usually played, and just felt that it made sense to make it into a whole new project. Heavier, harder hitting, and colder. ”

Who are your influences?

Band: “I know we all grew up listening to a lot of different things. Mickey has always been into straight up hard-hitting rock, but I know Whitechapel was probably a pretty big influence on him. Kevin has a Vanna tattoo, so I’m pretty sure they were a big influence for him. Ryan definitely has a wide range of influences, nothing I can really pin down to one band or genre. He’s played every style of music from pop punk to metalcore to jazz to indie rock to beatdown, so he’s got the chops. Kyle was largely influenced by bands like I Declare War, Those Who Fear, and After the Burial in his playing, but vocally he loves Phil Bozeman from Whitechapel. As for me, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Job for a Cowboy, and The Acacia Strain are some of the bands that have influenced me in heavy music, but Coheed and Cambria was the band that got me into playing. So yeah, we’ve got a wide range of influences when you put us all together.”

With the long list of bands you have played with who is your favorite?

Band: “Well before Kevin and Ryan joined the band, we played a bunch of shows with our drummer Mike with some of our favorite bands; our favorites of which were The Acacia Strain, Oceano, I Declare War, and The Last Ten Seconds of Life. I don’t really know if we could pick a favorite.”

How do you go about your writing process?

Band: “Honestly, we don’t have a set way. Usually, Kyle or I, and Mickey once in a while, come up with a riff, and builds off of that. Sometimes we come to practice with almost a full song done, and just look for suggestions, and see if it would work. Lyrically, Mickey writes all the lyrics in his handy dandy notebook, whether they come before the music or after really depends.”

How do you prepare before a show?

Band: “Well, practice the set about 20 times, making sure we know what goes where. Then, when we’re actually getting ready to play a set, we prepare in different ways. Whether that’s drinking a lot of water, getting a few drinks, making sure you’ve gone to the bathroom, or holding a safety meeting. The worst thing is being completely unaware that “oh shit, we go in in 5 minutes.””

What is your favorite horror movie of all time?

Band: “Hmmm, tough question. Kyle says his is Halloween, without a doubt. Kevin is too cool for horror movies I guess, they don’t scare him. The Descent terrified the shit out of me, because I couldn’t imagine being trapped underground. Sleeves me the fuck out.”

What would you like to tell your fans?

Band: “Probably the most important thing we’d like to tell our fans is thank you. You guys realize that the only way we can do what we do is if there’s people like you to listen. Some of you play music, some of you have never picked up an instrument, but whatever you’re passionate in, you know how much it means when someone you’ve never talked to a single day in your life is wearing your shirt, coming to your shows, has your painting on their wall, or anything like that. It makes all the time spent practicing, writing, travelling, and playing worth it. Keep going to shows. Buy a CD or shirt from a local band you like instead of that dope new snapback from the mall, and maybe one day you’ll see one of those local bands headlining a massive tour, proud to call your town their hometown.” OR Ashley Ventura (Delirium Entertainment)