Interview with Brian from Shot Heard Around The World!!!



Last night I talked to Brian from a awesome band name Shot Heard Around The World!!


How did Shot Heard Around The World form?

Brain: “SHATW basically formed after a different band was dissolving that been together for a few months back in 2005. I had answered an ad from that band on myspace and auditioned to be their vocalist. They brought me into the band then we switched the sound/direction, as well as the name. Since then there has been some member changes – but myself, Kenjamin, and Derek have been in the band since about 2009.”


Tell me about your new album All That You Are?

Brain: “We wanted this album to be a new beginning for us. This being our first proper full length album we had a lot to prove to the people that have been following our band over the years and most of all, to ourselves. After much debate on who the right producer would be, we decided to work with Dean Baltulonis. He had worked with so many of influential bands in indie and hardcore including Brand New, Bouncing Souls, Agnostic Front, Modern Life Is War, Hope Conspiracy, Trapped Under Ice, and tons more.
A lot of the heavy albums that have come out in recent years are mostly over-processed and rely heavily on fake drums and digital guitar amps. We wanted to make an album that sounded organic and raw much like our live performance. This is exactly what Dean is known for and excels in. The album itself touches upon a lot of subjects but one of the biggest themes is self-discovery. I think a lot of people only see their lives or the world around them with a very narrow scope. It’s really easy to get caught up in how you are told how your life “should be,” but what a lot of people tend to forget is that life can be whatever you want it to be. “


How do you go about the writing process?

Brain: “Typically, I will write a skeleton of a song and make a demo of it on my computer. I’ll then bring those song ideas to the band and we will dissect and tweak them until we think they are fit to put on an album. On most songs I won’t begin writing the lyrics until the music is close to being complete. My inspiration for the lyrics will usually be drawn from the music itself.”


What genre would you put yourself in?

Brain: “This is a really hard question, because I’m not really sure where we land on the spectrum of genres. Most people refer to our band as post-hardcore or melodic hardcore. With that said, I hope listeners will draw their own conclusions to what we sound like.”


What do you guys have coming up?

Brain: “Right now we are still supporting ‘All That You Are’ and plan on touring on that for the rest of the year. We have started writing some new material, but it’s too early to tell what it’s shaping up to be. I’m excited to see what direction we go in for our next release.”


What made you want to start playing music?

Brian: “I think my love for music began from driving around with my dad when I was little kid; listening to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or Stevie Ray Vaughan. Once I got to high school I started going to local shows at VFW halls, church basements, etc. I felt like for once in my life it was place where I belonged.

But the reason why I started playing music, I suppose, is because I’ve always been creative. Just the idea that I could create something that has never been seen or heard until I decided to make my idea a reality has always intrigued me. I think music is the most creative tool that we, as humans, have discovered. Music transcends all languages and has an ability to make someone feel an emotion just by simply hearing it. I honestly believe music can change someone’s life, it certainly has saved mine.”


Where do you see the band in 5 years?

Brian: “Hopefully, still creating music that we enjoy and still traveling the country, playing for people that want to hear it. Next year the band will be celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, which is crazy to think about. So I suppose us surviving another 5 isn’t completely out of the question.”


What would you like to tell your fans?

Brian: “Before I answer this last question, I just want to preface with this: We don’t consider anyone a “fan.” We’re not Metallica or Cher. Anyone that is a supporter of our band, we consider a friend. With that said…

There isn’t a word that fully captures the gratitude and love we have for you. The fact that by your own free-will you decide that our music is what you want to listen to or that our show is where you want to be, means the world to us. We will never be able to truly express how much your love and support means to us – so we hope that our music will somehow suffice.”

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