Interview with Eric Unseen!!!


Yesterday I talked to a band that will just make your day better by the name of Eric Unseen!!!


How did Eric Unseen form?

EU: “We all knew each other from being in different bands. As our individual bands broke up, coincidentally at the same time, we decided to get together and form a band together.”


Who are your influences?

EU: “The Smiths, The Beatles, The Clash, The Jam …. And other bands without ‘The’ in the title lol”


Would you say your a band that lights up someone’s day?

EU: “Yea definitely! Eric Unseen strive to put a smile on peoples faces! Music is about escapism, so why not escape to a happy place! Lol”


Who is your favorite superhero?

EU: “Batman. He’s human like the rest of us, so it’s easier to relate to him I think! Although, Robin is a bit of let down, he should sack him and go it alone!”


Tell me about your single Goodbye Mister?

EU: “Goodbye Mister Spurr is about an old driving instructor who sadly passed away a few years back! He was full of life and you could tell he had a good soul if that makes sense? It’s a song about him on his death bed looking back on his life and wishing for another chance! It’s a sad content but we smooth it over with our little melodies and poppy guitars, just like The Smiths, but not as good! Lol”


Is there a full EP in the works?

EU: “We’ve just recorded our debut album, so there’ll be 10 songs to listen to and download soon. It’ll be on iTunes and all leading music providers!”


What would you like to tell your fans?

EU: “Yea, socks and sandals is a terrible look, please refrain from this fashion faux-pas! Also, thanks and please download our album, even if you wear socks and sandals!”


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