Interview with Shawn and Jared from Worst Kept Secret!!!


Today I talked to a pop punk band from my home state WV!!


How was playing your first show at 123 Pleasant Street?

S&J: “It was pretty sick honestly. We’ve been to a lot of shows at 123 and sometimes the crowds aren’t always receptive even when the bands rule ass. This show was different though, especially for a Sunday. All the bands were pumped to play and it made for a good high energy show. The crowd was really receptive to our originals which is always good. Oh and Greg Tassos from ‘Get With It’ singlehandedly kept the life going throughout the whole show haha. The dude busted his face open with a mic!”


How is it just busting on to the music scene?

S&J: “Well Worst Kept Secret is new to the scene but each of the members have all played in other bands for a while. Our Bass Player Pat Cole was in a punk band called ‘On Hold’ and he has a solo album out there somewhere which is kinda Hippie-Jam stuff but its really good. Our Singer Shawn Fisher was in a metalcore band called ‘Way of Escape’. 4 of us were in a Ska Band called ‘We Ain’t Disco’ and 4 of us were in a band called ‘The Gnarly Charlies’..oh god, let’s forget about the last band I mentioned haha”


Tell more about this demo we might hear by this summer?

S&J: “Yeah we are gonna try to get a 5 song demo out there by the end of the summer. We were studio hunting but I think we found the one we wanted. We just want to make sure it’s right and not over-produced. Whatever you hear on the recording is what we want you to hear live. Sometimes a band sounds so good on the album/demo whatever and you see them live and they are sloppy or out of key and we aren’t going to be one of those bands.”


Some people say you are a mix between A Day To Remember and Every Time I Die how do you feel about that?

S&J: “We love that because we love both of those bands. ETID’s Keith Buckley just kills it on everything. ADTR is a huge influence on us because they have those catchy poppy choruses with all the heavy breakdowns as well. We all grew up listening to Blink-182 and New Found Glory and then bands like Pantera and early A7X made us love metal.”


What do you guys have coming up?

S&J: “We have an awesome show coming up in Elkins on Saturday June 21st at the YMCA and proceeds are renovating the swimming pool there. A Gentleman’s Sport, Get With it, Holey Soles are all playing with us and our friends in Unbeknownst are having their first show there. Check out all of those guys on FB. It’s all different genres of music. There’s pop punk, metal, indie and punk all throughout the show so there’s something for everyone..unless you like rap, then we will dedicate a Limp Bizkit cover just for you. All for the Nookie”


Any local bands that you are dying to play with?

S&J: “Yeah definitely! There are a few that stick out though Gene the Werewolf from Pittsburgh are just straight up Rock n Roll which isn’t that common anymore. Yellowdog Union out of Morgantown..if you don’t like punk rock Dano will make you like it. High 5s and Hell Yeah’s are sick, and we love what False Pterodactyl are doing right now.”


What is your favorite horror movie and why?

S&J: “Jingle all the Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger ..jk probably a toss-up between the Kim Kardashian Sex tape or the Paris Hilton sex tape. Have you seen her eyes in with that night vision on?? It’s like a damn Samsquantch”


As your fan base grows is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

S&J: “Like music because you like the music, not because someone tells you to or it’s what’s popular right now. There’s a difference between music you can’t get into and bad music. Support local music and go to shows.. and when you are at shows MOVE AROUND. The bands will deliver better when the crowd isn’t dead. Don’t duck out on other bands either, you may come for us and end up missing someone way better because you left early. Other than that just stick with us, have fun at our shows and if you have something to say..”Say it With Your Fucking Chest”

Also like us facebook and follow us on twitter so we can live chat after the show

XoXo -Worst Kept Secret”


Instagram @worstkeptsecretwv


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