Interview with Chris Harvey from I Was Awake!!

i was

Today I talked to Chris from I Was Awake they have been currently selected to be on Summer Selection for Warped Tour which will get into that little later!!

How did I Was Awake form?
Chris: “I Was Awake formed back in 2011. Chris B, Dan, and Justin had been writing together for a little bit, and they asked myself (Chris H), and Kyle if we would be interested in being a part of the project. We’ve all known each other/played music together for years now, so it came together fairly smoothly. A few months later we had a handful of songs written, played a few gigs, and were in the studio recording our first EP.”

Who are your influences?
Chris: “Some of our influences include Porcupine Tree, A Perfect Circle, Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, Coheed and Cambria, Tool, Faith No More, Thrice, Deftones, Circa Survive, and Radiohead. We like to get fairly eclectic with our writing, and we try not to limit ourselves to a particular style or formula when putting together a song.”

Is there a new EP or album in the works?
Chris: “Yep! We are currently recording our first full-length album. It is looking like it’s going to be around 10 or 11 tracks and consists of mostly new material, with a few re-recorded older tunes. It’s coming along very nicely and we’re planning on having it out sometime before the end of 2014.”

What made you guys wanna cover We Die Young and Zombie?
Chris: “So with We Die Young, we had a show booked and didn’t have enough songs for a full-set…and we’re all big AIC fans, so we kinda just pulled it together quickly haha. When we went into the studio for our second EP we were already recording another cover (Zombie), so we figured…why not track this one too!? Zombie came about because we wanted to do another cover, but something that was different enough from what we write that we could really make it our own. We were throwing around other cover ideas (I think one may have been Highway to the Danger Zone \m/ ), but everything just seemed either too far from what we do or too close to what we do. Then one day Kyle came to practice and suggested Zombie, and it all just worked itself out nicely!”

Anyone tell you you sound like Alice in Chains?
Chris: “Actually, unless people hear the recorded cover of We Die Young, as we don’t really play it live anymore, they don’t usually mention that comparison. But then if we start talking music and influences and we mention AIC, they usually follow-up with something like “Oh yeah, I can definitely see that now.”
Actually, one of our new songs that will be on the new record definitely has a very AIC self-titled album section to it…which we are psyched to show people.”

How does it feel to be selected for Vans Warped Tour summer selection?
Chris: “We are so excited and flattered to have been selected! The fact that Ben Bruce and Kyle Borman of Asking Alexandria hand-picked us out of the hundreds of submissions they received from all over the world is quite an honor. Also…HUGE thanks to all our fans for getting behind this thing to make it happen. It’s a pretty amazing thing that KBB Records is doing to help promote unsigned artists. We’re really excited to get feedback from all the people who will be hearing us for the first time!
So once again big thanks to everyone who voted and to KBB Records for putting this whole thing together. We hope to continue to work closely with them in the near future!”

What would you like to tell your fans?
Chris: “First and foremost, THANK YOU. Without your support, we wouldn’t exist. We love playing music, but we especially love playing it for people who appreciate what we’re doing. Listeners are what keeps music alive, so definitely support all your local artists, go see a show…and hell, maybe even pickup their record haha! But once again…thank you, and we are really excited to be bringing you new music soon.”

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