Interview with Rachel from Downfall Rising!!!


Today I talked to Rachel from Downfall Rising a band from Texas who crank it up to 11 and don’t stop for no one these guys are amazing and Rachel is a amazing Frontwoman!!


How did Downfall Rising form?

Rachel: “the group formed in late 2010 i believe. it was only a 4 piece band with members Tyler, Greg, Stephen and Dave. shortly after, Aaron our guitarist joined. they began to do shows and start recording for a possible album. not too soon after that, they begin losing their lead singer and the search was on for a replacement.”


 Tell me about the old lead singer leaving into bringing Rachel in?

Rachel: “the former lead vocalist left under circumstances that the guys agreed upon. it was a mutual separation. a few singers tried out for the spot but none worked out the way they had hoped. the search continued and somehow they reached out to me. I declined several times due to the length of distance between us. I live in Louisiana, they live in Texas several hours apart. finally I decided to just go and meet them and see what it would take to do my best in taking the spot as the new singer for DFR. things worked out incredibly and we have been a very strong unit since. I personally am very thankful to the guys of DFR for giving me this opportunity, welcoming me into their family. its been incredible ever since. im truly blessed and thankful”



 Tell me about your new EP?

Rachel: “our ep was released in early 2013. we worked with digital services studios in Tomball, Texas with an amazing team. it was a starting point for us as a band and we wanted to give as much as we could to the fans to show who we were at the time. the ep did amazing. we are very proud of the response and acceptance was very satisfying. we are also currently working on our new full length album there as well. we are ready to finish it up and get it released later this year sometime. this time around its us bringing in our individual talents and inspirations. it will definitely be more personal and a step up from our ep.”


What kind of feelings do you get when you walk out on stage?

Rachel: “its an incredible feeling. we love to hear the fans chanting downfall rising as well as us individually. there’s not a better feeling in the world to know that the fans are there to rock out with us and enjoy what we love doing and that’s giving all that we have and what we love to do. such an amazing and an unforgettable experience we treasure.”


Where is place you are dying to play?

Rachel: “anywhere really. places that we’ve yet to perform at. looking into the north, east and west coasts. we are ready to meet new fans, friends and just have a great time bringing who we are to new places.”


 If you could tour with one band who would it be and why?

Rachel: “we all have such a long list of bands that we’d love to play and tour with. some of which are sevendust, deftones, chevelle, saliva (again) .. we are inspired by everyone who loves what they do and just want to bring their passion to the stage!”


 Do you guys have any new merch?

Rachel: “we certainly do! soon our website will be back up and running. we are currently updating it and we have our buddy and dfr crew member Dustin making this happen for us. fans and listeners will be able to order on line through our online store very soon. once its ready to go, we will let everyone know about it. anyone can purchase what they’d like through shows as well. we have shirts, decals, bandannas, our ep and many more new things being added constantly.”


 Whats the hardest part when your on tour?

Rachel: “nothing really to be honest. the anticipation of getting to our next show is pretty much the hardest part. we are ready to rock every second we can.”


Tell me about shooting the video Machine?

Rachel: “the machine video was done with digital services. it was taken from a live show we did in Houston, Texas at the scout bar which is one of our main go to places. great crowd, great family, great venue. the idea was to use go-pros which were attached to our guitarists guitars, mine was on my mic and we had cameras at all angles of the stage as we performed. just giving our fans a inside look from what its like on stage from our view. turned out to be a hit with everyone. we couldn’t be more happier and blessed!”


What would you like to tell your fans?

Rachel: “we’d love to tell our fans thank you for all of their love and support. it is truly amazing to have such great people who spread our name around to everyone they are in contact to as well as new people they encounter. this has been a wonderful journey. we are so blessed to have everyone a part of it. we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone’s help. thank you are never enough we feel. just enjoying it all… just a huge thank you and love and respect to all of our fans, friends and families. because of them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. more exciting things up and coming and we cant wait to experience it along with everyone. its going to be amazing! definitely looking forward to it!”




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