Interview with Kris Xenopoulos from Carnage Carnival!!


Today WV Music Blog is going to South America that’s right I said it and I’m glad we discovered this band its full of dreads and badass music if you like old school thrash mixed with todays thrash you will wanna get what you can of these guys they are amazing sound and know how to work a crowd.

 How did Carnage Carnival form?

Kris: “We formed at a music college where most of us study. We are basically the metal reincarnation of a blues band that most of the original members were previously in.”

Who are influences?

Kris: “Early Mastodon, Pantera, Slayer, Dethklok, Black Sabbath and we actually take a lot of influence from Black Metal bands and 70s prog rock bands like Rush. “

How is it like being a metal band in South Africa?

Kris: “South Africa’s Metal scene is awesome but its not nearly as big as it should be. Its still growing and the potential here is actually crazy. More of the bands here should be getting internationally recognized but a lot of them end up getting stuck here and fading away. We have a bigger goal and as much as we love the South African Metal scene its not the only scene we want to be a part of. “

Tell me about the sound your going for?

Kris: “The sound we are going for is Thrash/Groove metal but with more of an extreme metal element than lets say Pantera.”

How about this new album your currently working on?

Kris: “We have been working on this album for nearly this whole year already. We are still working on it and it should be out some time around august but we cant promise anything. The album’s sound can be described as Blackened Groove/Thrash Metal.”

 How do you think your fan base in in America?

Kris: ” I think we have quite a few fans from America as we’ve been targeting Americans when we market the band on the internet but i think we will gain a lot more when we release the album.”

What shows you got coming up?

Kris: “We are going to be playing in The Wacken Metal Batlle South Africa coming up this weekend on the 14th of June and we are really amped for it!”

What would you like to tell your fans?

Kris: “We would like to say keep THRASHING and we will be releasing our first single of the album soon so watch this space!!


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