Interview with Under The Combine!!


Today I talked to the guys from Under The Combine if you have not seen them or have their new EP Automation its is hard hitting and will make you enjoy everything about heavy music. These guys are worth the drive to see and will just get in your face and spit in your face and you will still love them.

How did Under The Combine form?

UTC: “We’re all just old friends that decided to play some brutal music together….pretty simple really”

Who are your influences?

UTC: “Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, The Red Chord, Thy Art Is Murder, Will Smith with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Stevie Ray Vaughn and of course Marky Mark and the funk bunch”

How was recording your new EP Automation?

UTC: ” It was an awesome experience! Josh Palmer and Jared Collins at Zombie Takeover were very laid back and easy/fun to work with. “

How was inspiring Mr. Rodgers to smashing someone’s face?

UTC: “Well he’s dead isn’t he?… there’s your answer :

If you could fight one famous person who would it be and why?

UTC: “Tom Cruise…..because why not? He’s a douche “

What desired you to play heavy music?

UTC: “Because dude…..its fun as shit. To see people moshing and banging their heads to our music, there’s no better feeling,Metal is more than just a music genre…its a culture and we love it”

What would you like to tell you fans?

UTC: “First off we would like to say thank you. This wouldn’t be nearly as fun if we didn’t have you all to share our music with. We plan to release a full length next year and play shows in more areas in the very near future.”


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