Interview with Start A Fire!!!


I know its been a while since we had a interview but we are gonna be putting fuel on the fire with a amazing band by the name Start A Fire!!!!

How did Start A Fire form?

SAF: “The band Start A Fire was officially formed in 2009. We’ve been playing together in different bands since we were kids so the band formed naturally.”

What is your craziest stage moment?

SAF: ” Our craziest stage moment is probally when our vocalist Alex pants ripped during a gig, exposing more then he really wanted to our fans.”

What got you into music?

SAF: “We either had parents or sibling playing music when we grew up so we started playing covers from bands we liked in our early teens.”

Is it hard to go from screams to clean and back?

SAF: ” It’s not so hard since Alex does the screaming and Christian does the clean vocals.”

Who are you influences?

SAF: “Killswitch Engage, Ghost Inside, August Burns Red, Meshuggah and many more.”

Who would you say is the biggest prankster in the band and why?

SAF: We’re kinda lame on the pranks, we have a generally fun attitude towards eachother.”

What would you like to say to your fans?

SAF: Thank you for your support and your patience, our album we’ll be out the 11th of October.”


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